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Friday, August 10, 2012

How Do You Take Your Mario: Tangible or Digital?

New Super Mario Bros. 2 releases for the 3DS on Sunday the 19th. Will you be picking it up from stores, or grabbing it digitally?

Nintendo is offering simultaneous in-store or download purchase of New Super Mario Bros. 2
It's a first for the company and the 3DS system.

I've been asking myself this question ever since the digital distribution was announced. I like tangible, hard copies. Something I can see, touch, smell and taste, if I really wanted to. I like having a physical copy of things that I can lend to friends if they're on the fence about a purchase, or if they don't have the funds but they still want the experience.

Digital distribution is undeniably popular because of the ease of access. Games beamed directly to me without leaving the house? I can't deny that that's appealing. The cost of gas, the potential stress of traffic, and sometimes even the hunt to locate a copy are all eliminated when downloads come into play.

Of course, in the case of Nintendo, there's a seriously murky area when it comes to downloaded titles for the 3DS or Wii. Since Nintendo doesn't have traditional online accounts like one would find on the PS3 or 360, anything someone downloads will be tied to the console/handheld in question. So, theoretically, if the 3DS or Wii breaks, chances are you'll have to pay for every purchased download all over again.

Nintendo is offering extra Club Nintendo incentives for those who purchase NSMB2 digitally.

Once Club Nintendo arrived on U.S. soil, Nintendo integrated the ability to link Wii and 3DS systems with a person's Club Nintendo account, and that does create a visible history of all downloads and purchases. All the same, my research online hasn't included anything conclusive either way. Some places say that if the 3DS or Wii breaks, then you're out of luck. Other places say that Nintendo has a way of transferring data. I just know that I'd hate to lose my downloads and then have to pay for them all over again.

It's that sort of factor that comes into play as I continue to kick around the idea of downloading NSBM2 come the 19th. There's also the fact that initial launch numbers from Japan showed hour plus long download times, as well as server lag and other issues. That's a gamble that I'll have to take if I choose to grab it digitally.

What will you be doing? Download, or physical copy? Let me hear your thoughts!


I think I might get it digitally actually. I generally prefer physical copies but with the demise of the store "Game" in the UK the nearest shop that would sell it is at least 20 miles away and it would take longer to arrive if I got it on Amazon. I'm not too worried about console breaks. If it was an Xbox or PS3 than maybe so but I've never had or even heard about a Nintendo console failing.

It doesn't happen often, Nintendo systems are made of some hardcore materials. I still get paranoid though, I saw enough break during my time at GameStop.

You have a point about the stores being far away. I have a myriad of them in any direction, so there is that advantage!

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