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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Harmontown 8/6/12 : Confessions, Hardwick, and Cockroaches

Monday night was my second time attending Harmontown, and if you live within reasonable driving distance of Los Angeles then I recommend that you head down to Meltdown Comics some Monday night and try to catch a show!

Meltdown Comics in Los Angeles.

Harmontown is a two hour stand-up show with Dan Harmon, creator and recently-fired showrunner of the NCB hit show Community. Tickets are only ten dollars per person, and now that he's doing them every Monday instead of once a month it's much easier to get in to see him!

Harmon and his friend Jeff Davis hit the stage and tell stories, field questions, and spin off on both hilarious and (potentially) deeply offensive content. As the show progresses, your gracious hosts become exponentially more drunk on their straight vodka, and the hilarity continues to ensue.

The most recent show had a very special guest in the form of Chris Hardwick, Nerdist founder and all around stand-up guy. Harmon asked him to pop in briefly so that a story could be shared about the gentlemanly nature that Hardwick possesses: essentially, Harmon "made an ass" (his words) of himself on a Nerdist stand-up podcast, and it was never aired because Hardwick didn't want to inadvertently add to the negativity that had been hitting Harmon's life. See, the press is so eager to spin things negatively, and apparently some of Harmon's comments could have been taken out of context. Hardwick didn't want that to happen.

Dan Harmon and Chris Hardwick during Harmontown at Meltdown Comics.

Harmon proceeded to talk extensively about how Chris Hardwick is a gentleman among selfish assholes, and a true Knight in Shining Armor. It was all pretty adorable. It was also quite a treat to have Hardwick up on stage telling fun stories. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for the Podcast, then you can hear all about Hardwick's Bjork story, and hopefully the editors keep in the bit about the giant cockroach!

One of the great aspects of Harmontown is that Dan Harmon likes to walk the line of fans pre-show so he can talk with everyone. He's kind and constantly funny. On Monday night he wanted to have a segment on confessions, so he gave each guest a piece of paper and asked them to write down a confession that would possibly be discussed during the show. It's this kind of interaction and treatment that makes Harmontown such a great experience, and makes me like Dan Harmon all the more.



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