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Monday, August 6, 2012

Revealing Photography: Minecraft Creeper Edition.

While in Ireland last year I made a small papercraft Creeper from Minecraft, then I took it out into the wilderness for a photo shoot. Some of you may have spied the photos on my now not-posted-to photo blog, but that's irrelevant.

These are the photos that mobs don't want you to see! They're... the lighter side of Creepers!

papercraft Creeper minecraft
Little known fact: Creepers love tiny daisies. 

papercraft Creeper from minecraft in a tulip
Their preferred sleeping location? Inside of hybrid tulips.

papercraft creeper
You wouldn't know it based on their common tendencies to explode, but
Child Safety is extremely important to Creepers. 

creeper from minecraft
Here we catch a rare glimpse of a Climbing Creeper. The height advantage
allows them to survey the land for children in distress and comfortable flowers.

And there you have it! Aren't you feeling more informed and enlightened already? These creatures are horribly misunderstood. Perhaps I'll investigate more characters in a full video game photography series. Any suggestions?


*all photo credit A Bit of Geek, feel free to share but please credit and link back :)


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