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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Amazing artist round-up: video games and geekery!

With the internet being the vast expanse that it is, I go back and forth between feeling amazed that I find good things at all, and miffed at the number of ridiculous things that I encounter. This is most evident in the amazing game-based artwork that crops up from time to time. 

Two artists I very much enjoy: Zac Gorman of Magical Game Time esteem, and Wednesday Wolf, with his drippy, macabre, watercolor Pokemon masterpieces. With their inspiring works in mind, I set out to try and find additional dedicated art masters to keep an eye on, and in the process I want to (hopefully) share some new artists with you as well!

Zac Gorman: Magical Game Time

I'm pretty sure most people have seen his work by now, but I'm including it anyway!

                                   source                                                                                      source

Sonic running like an idiot is the first Zac Gorman piece I ever saw. It was on tumblr, such a wonderous place, and after that I found his Magical Game Time haven. I've been enthralled with his whimsical, slighty-gif'd, game-based pieces ever since. And, if there were any doubt, his UH-mazing 'Joust' piece sealed the deal for sure.

I found this guy (name unknown!) while cruising through video game items on Etsy. His pieces are all so awesome and unique, I hope to purchase one someday! He does paintings that aren't Pokemon, of course, but it's hard to deny how great it is seeing some of my favorite pocket monsters in twisted, badass form.

                                          source                                                                                 source

It would appear that no popular culture subject is safe from his wicked brush and mind, and I think we can all breathe a sigh of relief and thanks for that fact. His work is all for sale, and you can bet that I WILL own that Oddish piece someday. Oddish for life.

These little gems are created by Mel K., and I commend her for her variety and talent! I really love perler bead art, but I'm pretty sure I don't have the patience for it. One of my favorite aspects of her work is the diversity of use: coasters, decoration, pins, magnets, dioramas, and more. With glue and any number of backings, you can have her work anywhere in your house, office, car, boat, airplane, spaceship, etc. 

                                                source                                                                     source

All of her items are reasonably priced and look very well made! It's tempting to buy a bunch and create my own Mario World play set on my fridge! Actually, that's an amazing idea. Time to update my wish list!

A Penny Arcade forumer by the name of LewieP's Mummy runs Canvas and Paints, and it's a chronicle of the art commissions she paints for people, as well as charities. All proceeds go toward either Oxfam or Child's Play. Her paintings are really well crafted and very diverse because of her client's requests. If you'd like to commission something from her you'll have to wait a while, she's usually backed up!

                                                source                                                                    source

The Professor Layton and Limbo pieces are but a small sampling of her work. I definitely recommend that you check out her site and follow the progress of current pieces from pencil to finished painting!

Sometimes I forget that deviantART is still a buzzing hive of artistic activity, and the times that I do remember I am generally greatly rewarded. Case in point: botjira from deviantART. botjira makes these wonderful paper collages, with the more popular pieces being Pokemon related. As a budding paper artist, it's exciting to see the medium being put forth into the video game world! These pieces differ in that they're entirely two dimensional, but they have no less talent or beauty to them.

                                                 source                                                               source

Be sure to click to embiggen and see the detail! I am just in love with the textures and separation of subject and background. The diverse paper types and everything are blowing my mind. They make me want to dabble in collage sculpting! Great art is inspiring, after all.

Those are my artist picks for today! I know I've hardly scratched the surface, so I'd just love it if you told me YOUR favorite gaming artists! Or your favorite artists in general. Comment or tweet @abitofgeek with your wonderful, arty information :D



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