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Monday, September 3, 2012

Hardcover art book for 'Journey' coming in September.

Developers thatgamecompany and Santa Monica studios are bringing 'Journey' fans something very awesome: a hardcover art book!

For anyone that hasn't played the game: it's gorgeous. A true work of art in motion. Anyone with a Playstation 3 needs to grab it from the online store. The camera angles compliment the sweeping desert vistas, and the light work and textures are quite stunning. One time while playing my controller died, and my be-scarved on-screen player continued to slide down the sandy hills. The camera continued to sweep around while light flashed through the gaps in the pillars from a giant stone structure. Pretty amazing for a game.

Purchasers of the art book will also receive a free copy of the game's soundtrack on their PS3 via voucher.

As of this writing there has been no exact release date or pre-order information available. The Sony blog promises info soon, though.


(originally seen via geekosystem)


Here's a Journey paper sculpt that I did a little while back!



Despite the game being short [even for today's standards] I really enjoyed the EXPERIENCE. That's the key word there. Journey is definitely an experience. My favorite bit, though, was probably the first time you encounter the flying enemies. At first I was wondering, "What the hell do I do?!". Then it effed me up. The music that kicks in really cements the mood of exactly what is happening on screen. Dread for your current location.

Awesome awesome game. I mean experience.

Oh, and I definitely wouldn't mind possessing a copy of that art book. Great "coffee table" lit.

Definitely a great coffee table item. Tempting about the soundtrack, too. I played through a little bit of Journey but have yet to finish it. For some reason I have a tough time going and playing it! I've been watching Doctor Who in my spare time :D

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