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Monday, September 10, 2012

Fans of Pogo: this is how he creates his remixes!

Digital remixing master Pogo has released a video detailing the technical aspects of his trance-inducing tracks. He gets quite jargon-y, and it can be difficult to pay attention seeing as his accent is so great, but for the technologically inclined and equipped, there is some fantastic information provided.

He states quite eloquently that he cannot tell anyone how to make music. It's something that "you have to feel out", which is exactly why I'll never be a famous composer because I don't get how music works. All the same, for those music remixers out there that have always wondered and dreamed of his equipment and specific steps, your wondering days are over. Quite kind of him, really!

Here's my favorite Pogo track: Alice.


(originally found via nofilmschool)


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