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Friday, September 21, 2012

Puppeteer For PS3, Not Your Average Side Scroller!

Some time ago I saw a brief snippet of information about Puppeteer on the Playstation Network. After reading the short description I went, "Well that sounds really freaking strange" and moved on with my life. Cut to a few days ago and I read a much fuller and more involving preview of the game and I felt exponentially more interested.

So what do we all think? A puppet boy on a spinning theatre stage fighting sort-of-marionettes while wielding a giant pair of magical scissors, all in an effort to obtain his soul and get back to his normal life.

Sounds like a trip and a half.

This article over at Wired has some really cool information, such as the game and art director Gavin Moore designed the game for his son, who was frequently bored with games because of similar levels and repeated use of the same in-game assets. The result is that Puppeteer is a game that is constantly changing scenery; every five to ten minutes according to Moore.

It's a 2D platformer at heart, and is very reminiscent of Little Big Planet in its look and feel. Very wobbly and exciting, with a lot of texture and depth.

Puppeteer is set to release.... sometime in 2013. Keep your eyes on it!



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