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Friday, July 6, 2012

Warhammer cosplay hullabaloo

It is an aspiration of mine to have a full set of Sisters of Battle armor to wear to PAX and other Cons. This desire came about after PAX 2005 when I showed my in-progress Canoness to one of the pro painters in the tabletop room. However the logistics and reality of the project quickly surfaced and I became overwhelmed. It will take a miracle to have my dream armor/costume become tangible, but never say never!

With San Diego Comic Con coming up the internet is percolating with cosplay and larger than life armor costumes, and now I can't stop thinking about it!

female warhammer costume
Check out this amazing Warhammer costume! Source.

Fortunately for those who are so inclined (and financially equipped), the internet is full of useful resources. Wired has a particularly great article that includes an extremely comprehensive list of instructions on how to make your own Warhammer costume. The largest issue that I've encountered when I attempt to plan a costume is how to make the large items that aren't found in real life. This is where vacuum-forming comes into play, but generally that equipment isn't available to us lowly ones.

vacuum-forming warhammer costume
Vacuum-forming for a Warhammer costume. Source.

Costuming and cosplay is such an impressive hobby. One of my favorite aspects of conventions is admiring the walking artwork! I'm glad that it's becoming more popular at PAX seeing as it's the Con that I frequent most often. My trip to WonderCon this past March yielded an eye-popping number of costumes, and I wish I were attending SDCC so I could oogle more fully clothed people. Next year! If you're going could you snap some pictures for me?

We're going to wrap this up with a small selection of my favorite Warhammer outfits.

warhammer tau costume conventionwarhammer costume
Some very impressive Tau on the left (source) and a proud Warrior Priest (source). 

warhammer space marine costume
Some serious business Space Marines right there. Source.

How do you feel about cosplay? Do you have any favorite costumes?



There's a special place in my heart for everyone who cosplays a Warrior Priest.

My partner and I are always flip flopping between costumes to wear to one of the annual conventions held here and always come back to 40K. The last time we looked at it we got as far as some concept drawings for an Inquisitor / Confessor for her and either a Techpriest or Sanctioned Psyker for myself (I've always wanted to hide in a big robe while in crowds >.>) .... Thinking about this is kind of inspiring me to dig up the concepts and talk some more about it with her. High five.

Well hey, I hope you get to see your concepts come to life (and if so then be sure to send some pictures!). Thanks a bunch for reading :)

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