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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

hitRECord is the artistic collaborators haven

hitRECord joseph gordon-levitt

Who out there has heard of hitRECord, the collaboration company owned by Joseph Gordon-Levitt? He started it in 2004, and it is an online community for artists to create together. It is full of collaborations from musicians, photographers, writers, and more. Collaborators upload their original works to the website and other users are free to remix and reuse those pieces to create new works. In September 2011, hitRECord released its first anthology of work titled 'RECollection' comprised of RECords from the the community. The hitRECord business model states that, if pieces are chosen for monetization purposes, then any money made after covering costs will be shared 50/50 between hitRECord and all collaborative artists. 

This unorthodox compilation system creates an incredible allure: work with new people on exciting projects, make new friends, be inspired, and maybe even make money while having your work featured to the world!

hitRECord RECollection
The first hitRECord anthology titled 'RECollection'

It's an amazing community of creative individuals, and provides unique opportunities for artists to work with those both inside and outside of their preferred medium. The projects can evolve in fascinating ways. For instance, a piece called 'A Blot Story' is a painting. Whimsical and straightforward. It has then been remixed into videos, incorporated into larger pieces, and set to music. Artists can do whatever they'd like to the original RECord, and seeing as each RECord's page has a list of derivative work, attribution is never an issue. This design also leads to constant click through, so you never know what neat new piece you'll find!

I've often heard artists talk about not having many artist friends, or wishing they had someone to collaborate with on a new idea. hitRECord solves all of those problems and creates more opportunities in the process. I can't wait to see what kind of work comes out of hitRECord now that the first anthology is out. Maybe I'll contribute something of my own! What about you?

You can follow Joseph Gordon-Levitt on twitter @hitRECordJoe, as well as hitRECord news @hitRECord.


*images are screen captures from the hitRECord website


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