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Monday, July 30, 2012

If humans had a heads-up display, it would be "Sight"

I live in excited anticipation of a future where virtual reality is heavily integrated into day-to-day life. Project Glass from Google is about two years away from being a real product and, considering how frequently I use my phone and how much I love the heads-up display in video games, I won't say no to a tiny visual map in my field of vision.

However, it's important for anyone who is looking forward to this future to consider the potential draw backs. In a short video titled "Sight", Israeli students Eran May-raz and Daniel Lazo demonstrate a world where virtual reality is embedded into every person's eyes. "Sight" offers up numerous scenarios that need to be considered, ones that I had certainly never entertained.

The world presented in "Sight" is one where man and machine are more entwined than ever before. If this, or something like it, could be in our future, how do we keep it safe and out of dangerous hands? 

I'm all spooked now.



I was on-board with SIGHT, right up until the hijacking.

Same here. I was immediately horrified. That's the sort of thing that just doesn't occur to me when I think of a magical future infused with technology.

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