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Friday, July 27, 2012

'+5 Food of Eating' Cookbook Kickstarter

Some people that I follow on tumblr post really awesome geek related cooking recipes. The majority of them are actually alcoholic beverages, but some people also post real life food items that can be found in-game. The Gourmet Gaming tumblr most notably comes to mind.

And now, we have something else food and geek related in the works.

The "+5 Food of Eating" cookbook kickstarter promises an RPG centric cookbook filled with simple, diverse culinary alternatives that are safe to have around our delicate character sheets. I think the premise is really great: we could all use something healthier and more interesting than pizza at every board game, tabletop, movie or TV night. (Not that I don't love pizza. Do not get me wrong there.)

The $3500 goal will go toward publishing fees, contributing artists, and practice ingredients to level grind those recipes to perfection! For only $15 the donator even gets a copy of the book once it has been released. You can bet that I got in on that, I think that this is a really fun and interesting idea!

I really hope that she includes themed foods, like Mario Creme Pies, or Altair Chicken Casadillas. I don't know how they'll become those things, but the creative powers at the helm will figure something out I'm sure!



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