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Friday, May 11, 2012

Would you like a fully automated life?

So I read this article about a practice perfect city in New Mexico. It sounds pretty cool, all perfect streets with self-driving cars and what-not. A city where water turns on, toilets flush, and technology communicates device to device, all without human interference.

This almost sounds like The Jetsons! Who else is fond of the moving platforms in airports? They really speed up all of that pesky walking we have to do. Why aren't all sidewalks like this?

Oh, right, it's because people are lazy and just stand there. Source.

But seriously, I think this perfect town is cool. It opens the door to the question that I always have regarding technological advancement: how will it work in conjunction with our current city structure? 

It's not feasible to tear down and reconstruct whole towns and cities, is it? And what about the Old World, the amazing first-person account of life before the modern age over in Europe? It would be an absolute travesty to demolish the cobblestone streets in order to make way for a self-driving car. 

Meanwhile there are plenty of these throughout the US, so feel free to demolish.
I'm joking. Kind of. Source.

I don't imagine anyone over there would take any issue with improved water pipes. Everyone can use fresher, more delicious water. Also, too many people forget to flush the toilet, so I believe that is a no-brainer.

Back to those self-driving cars!

Sounds to me like the cars need to just be incredibly smart. It looks like Google has things under control though, considering that they just approved the first automated vehicle in Nevada.

The self-driving car situation is pretty exciting to me. I mean, it would really make road trips a lot shorter, right? Just drive until you're tired, make sure your GPS is set, and then take a little snooze! I guess Google doesn't intend for the automated aspect to replace drivers though, simply help them. But I know the car can drive on its own.

Given the funds, I would totally be first in line for a Google car! Especially since it's an apparatus that would work with any car, well, then I get to keep my currently awesome car and add more functionality. 

Strap this bad boy to my car and I'll never side-swipe another telephone poll again.
What? I was sixteen, give me a break! Source.

This sounds like an exciting win to me.

Are you excited?



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