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Friday, May 18, 2012

Why can't technology just get along?

Dearest readers, I have a gripe.

No no, not a grape, a gripe. Source.

It's a candid one, one that tosses aside worldly problems, one that ignores the greater issues. Its focus is intent and fierce, and in order for it to be understood it must have full attention.

It dives into a specific sort of problem, one that has currently overridden my mind. Let it be known that I do gripe over much larger and more important things, but in this moment I have a one track mind.

Why isn't there an official Google Drive, formerly Google Docs, application for the iPad?

Oh there are plenty of paid ones, to be sure. Plenty of $4.99 situations that offer what Google could offer for free. These slaps in the face run rampant in the App store. What's worse is that any applications that are free that offer a Google Docs service don't let you edit the documents, only view them.

What use is that?!

Noooo, not five dollars!! 

Now it is true that I could simply use Google Drive from DiigoBrowser, but I've realized that the lack of a Google Drive app isn't really what's making me irritable.

It's this Apple 'pushing out other brands' thing.

I feel like this is a battle against Microsoft, but Google has been pulled into the mix! The App store has other official Google offerings, but it is extremely limited. Is Apple really aiming for an eventual technological monopoly? Do they want to edge out Google? I was under the impression that healthy competition was a good thing.

Exceedingly limited selection compared to my Nexus S! 

There's a good chance that I don't understand something in this mix. Or perhaps I understand it and I simply don't like it.

Yeah, that's more like it. I don't like it. Boo.

OK, gripe over. If anyone has more information or input about this situation then I'd really like to hear it! I have very little real information about this subject. Who doesn't love learning opportunities?



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