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Monday, May 28, 2012

50 years of Spider-man.

I didn't realize it, but this August Spider-man turns fifty! While I was at WonderCon I attended a Marvel presentation about upcoming projects and story arcs, and there was a brief interlude where audience members asked tons of questions regarding Spider-man's half-a-century celebration.

spider-man 50th anniversary
He looks great for his age, don't you think?

The panel members couldn't give out any specifics, but they heavily hinted at many exciting projects. They did show off some intriguing teaser posters for Spider-men, though! My mind was definitely reeling. Who would the other spider-man be? Would it involve Peter Parker? Would it be set in the Amazing or the Ultimate universe? Was the use of "men" a trick, meaning the second person would be female? Would we all be completely blown away and discover that the second spider-man was a real spider?!

Fortunately for me, the announcement didn't include giant spiders. Spider-men will feature Peter Parker and Miles Morales teaming up together! Color me pleased about a universe cross-over! Spider-men will be a five issue mini-series starting this summer. It looks as though there will be a few other special releases as well. Time to celebrate!

spider-men promo
Those costumes look great together. Source.

Is anyone planning their own Spider-man parties?

Should I should plan a Spider-man party?!

What kind of things could I do to make it decidedly Spider-man-y? Could I make cupcakes with the Spider-man mask? Maybe buy a lot of silly string? How about a marathon reading of Ultimate Spider-man?!

This sounds like a great party so far. Does anyone want to come? No? Well, I understand, you're all pretty far away, I wouldn't want to drive that far either! And with gas prices so high? No no, we'll just webcam instead. Make sure you have something Spider-man related going on on your end, though.

spider-man cupcake decoration ideas
The planning has started.

In the meantime, I'll be figuring out where I left off in Ultimate Spider-man, looking up cupcake decorating tips (because there's no way I could pull off my wicked awesome ideas), and counting down the days until Amazing Spider-man is released in theatres. Who else is excited?!



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