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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Sharing My Winnings!

A few weeks ago Amanda at Krystelle's Miss Tells (she writes a lot about World of Warcraft, book reviews, nerdy crafts, and TV shows! She updates her blog regularly :)) hosted a giveaway to win a copy of 'Find It In Everything', which is a photo book by Drew Barrymore. At first I went, "Photos by Drew Barrymore?" but then I read the description and found myself a little interested. Over the years she has snapped a photo every time she's found a heart shape. The photos range from light reflections, to leaves, to tears in clothing. They're not technical masterpieces and probably wouldn't win any awards, but they're charming, unique, and surprisingly heart warming.

I've never had strong feelings about Drew Barrymore either way, but Amanda went through the trouble to host a giveaway and I like photography, so I figured why not? I'll enter! Imagine my delight when I actually won! I never win anything!!

Picard investigating the package and assisting with opening.

Some super cute stickers and a card as well!

Not only did Amanda send me a book, but she sent me a handwritten note and some Valentines! I haven't had a Valentine in years :D

Getting mail is awesome, and she provided quite the presentation.

No one sends hand written Thank You cards anymore! Just lovely.

I was all smiles the whole time getting all of this open. It was thrilling to see those cute little Valentines fall out of the envelope, and has me thinking about how much I'd like to get a pen pal! I love hand written notes and letters, as well as sending and receiving mail!

Thanks again to Amanda over at Krystelle's Miss Tells! 'Find It In Everything' is a lovely little collection that will put a smile on pretty much anyone's face. It would make a wonderful Valentine's Day gift, birthday present, or just something to say "I love you" to someone special in your life. I'm so pleased that I won this giveaway!



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