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Monday, February 3, 2014

Final Fantasy 8 Diary - Entry 5

Dear Diary,

I was so nervous at the celebration party that I accidentally dumped my drink on my face. Maybe that's why I also agreed to help Selphie with the garden group... nerves, I mean, not as a result of me having a wet face. The night took an interesting turn when a girl demanded that I dance with her. I tried to tell her that I was no good, but she dragged me out anyway. It was actually kind of nice. Um. Yeah. Afterward she disappeared, and I brooded outside, thinking about her and our dance. Quistis came out and harassed me to join her at the secret area. Needless to say, I am suspicious. That's where students go after hours, and I’m not interested in busting kids who want to be left alone.

Well, it turned out she wanted to teach me about how dangerous the T-rexasaur is. She also launched into another lengthy tutorial about attack junctioning. I almost wished to be attacked by a T-rexasaur, just to save me from the boredom. Oh, and by the way, with all of these lessons you'd think she would have taught me about limit breaks and how to use them! But no, fending for myself over here, fumbling through it.

Anyway, eventually we made it to the secret spot. People really like to make out in there. Quistis told me that she's now a member of SeeD and she won’t be an instructor anymore. Something about poor leadership skills. I said nothing pretty much, because I am the most emo jerk I know, and I don’t have time for other people’s problems. I just stood with my back to her while she poured her heart out about being a bad instructor in the eyes of the academy. No matter how mean I am to her, she still wants to share her feelings with me. She didn't even get mad when I walked away from her. Maybe she did fail as a leader, it’s not like she's very assertive. Should I feel bad?

quistis from final fantasy 8 
The face of a woman who wants empathy and isn't going to get it.

We started our awkward walk back to the garden, but it was waylaid by a screaming woman. She was being attacked by a giant flying bug, one that I definitely hadn't seen before. Quistis and I took care of it (a SeeD needs to be responsible after all). But, um, not before she and I both attacked me accidentally… I don't know if she was upset after me telling her I didn't care about her problems and it was an accident or hell, on purpose, but either way I don't know why *I* hit myself. To make matters worse, I had 100% sleep junctioned to my attack. That fight had a rocky start. After the freaky deaky bug was dead, we didn't even have a chance to talk to the woman, because she was taken away by two mysterious and spiky haired men. The strangest part though, is that when she saw us she shouted our names, but we have no idea who she was.



[This is part of a series of diary entries chronicling my first play through of Final Fantasy 8. I write from the perspective of Squall, but with the twist of a person putting thoughts rambling and unedited into a diary. Join me on my journey of love, loss, and intense angst.]

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