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Monday, February 17, 2014

Final Fantasy 8 Diary - Entry 6

Dear Diary,

Today is our first SeeD mission, and I've decided to shake off some nerves by playing cards. I headed to the cafeteria because I heard a guy there had the Quistis card. I played one guy about ten times before realizing that he wasn't the right person! At least I won a few good new cards in the process. I finally talked to his buddy who was hiding behind a plant, who actually had the Quistis card. Got my ass handed to me a few times before graduating to drawing. Spoiler alert, I finally got it! *fist pump*

And TRIUMPH! I finally beat that punk ass kid! The Mini Mog card is mine. I swear, winning at cards is the only thing that makes me happy. After that we got our official orders to go to Timber, but I wasn't done playing cards. We found headmaster Cid, and eventually I won his Seifer card. He also gave me a magic lamp, which apparently contained Diablos. It proved difficult to conquer. I was foolish to think I was ready for it. Must have been all of those card winning streaks giving me an inflated head. During battle it used Curaga on Selphie after she used Demi on it. We were so stunned that we lost. After some practice along the beach, and a bad run in with a T-rexasaur, we were feeling pumped for another chance at Diablos. Oh yeah! (that was us feeling totally ready to fight) And we did it! Although it, again, cast Curaga on Selphie after she used a demi on it. We continue to be mystified.

diablos ff8 
He's a badass, but not very smart in battle. via finalfantasy wikia



[This is part of a series of diary entries chronicling my first play through of Final Fantasy 8. I write from the perspective of Squall, but with the twist of a person putting thoughts rambling and unedited into a diary. Join me on my journey of love, loss, and intense angst. first post here!]

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