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Thursday, August 25, 2011

The princess in the wasteland.

Today's post will be sadly brief (even though I have tons to say) because I am posting from my phone! I am currently up in Washington to attend PAX! And I am quite excited about it. I was unable to go last year, seeing as I was in Ireland, and even though it was a great experience I am still sore about missing PAX.

I am going to make the best of this weekend, including panels. I don't normally go to very many but this year there are a few on Friday that I'm interested in. Expect next week's entry to overfloweth with PAX goodness.

For now, allow me to talk a little bit about how awesome it is that Andrew and I finished new super mario bros. Wii! It was a cheer worthy moment for me, and I may have been seen to jump up and yell, and I may have taken a bunch of screen shots with my phone. I smiled and basked in the shiny glow of our combined triumph.

I wish I could commend Nintendo on making such an amazing sequel after all these years. When the title was announced I was excited and also curious. Why make a sequel after so much time, and would it be good? I picked up my copy on release day and didn't regret it. Four players was extremely kind of them, but there is no way to finish that game with all four players! If anyone has done so I would love to hear about your experience!

We decided that our next game would be Kirby's Epic Yarn. I've played through a few of the worlds myself, but it'll be much more fun with Andrew. We've started it and he's a really great explorer, I'm feeling confident that we'll find all of the hidden items in later levels. I'll have more to say next time.

Before I end this scattered phone post I am going to delightedly inform you all that after many years of stalling (for various reasons) I have finally started a Fallout 3 file. If I'm being totally honest, and I like you so I will be, I started a file shortly after the game was released but never had a chance to play it. I wasn't worried though, I knew my day would come.

Now that day is here and I am very happy! I love Fallout. I played through the second I've and had a great time and I was really looking forward to the release of the third one. I played it at PAX before it came out and was thrilled. Although, I am not a fan of excessive gore and violence so I imagine that the astute reader has deduced that Fallout isn't an easy game for me to play.

I prefer the older versions. The lack of technological advancements meant that the graphics couldn't be so gross. Whenever something's head gets blown off I can't help but respond with an emphatic, "ew! So gross!" This, fortunately, amuses Andrew.

My Fallout 3 chronicles will go on for some time, so expect to hear a lot more about my adventures in the wastelands!



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