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Sunday, August 28, 2011

The incomparable Wil Wheaton

Today has been nothing short of surprising and amazing. The whole weekend has been incredible, so I didn't think anything more could happen to make things even better.

Enter Link and Dark Link, impressive cosplay females that we saw almost first thing upon entering the center. We stopped for fangirl moments of praise and some photos.

Then, something wonderful happened: Wil Wheaton photobomed the photo of me with the Links. You can see the top of his head, one wild eye, and his highly identifiable dick cape.

After this we decided to follow him so I might get my badge signed, and we discovered him at his booth, meeting fans and signing things. We hopped in line and before I knew it, I was talking to Wil Wheaton.

I stuttered a hello and introduced myself, then began to tell him how much I enjoyed his blog. I also thanked him for posting the video a few weeks ago of TheBloggess's inspiring speech at a convention in Utah about being "furiously happy".

He was so fabulous and friendly, down to Earth and comforting. It was such a pleasure to meet him. I walked away with a free signed print of him collating paper (should have cost me $20 but I didn't realize they cost money and I was so nervous and flustered and inspired that he was super kind and gave it to me free. Thanks again!!)

What a superb day.



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