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Friday, July 11, 2014

Gaming Plushie Wishlist

I don’t know about you, but I love stuffed animals! As a child I had tons that sat on my bed and hung in hammocks in the corners of my bedroom. Growing older it was very difficult to get rid of my collection. Eventually I parsed it down to a select few items of great sentimental value, and they now live in a box in my closet. This story ended up going in kind of a sad direction, which was unintentional! I meant to set the stage for fun information about my video game plushies!

A few months ago I shared my Harvest Moon plush collection, and included the plushies that I’m missing from my group. Writing that article got me thinking: what other plushies do I wish I had?

It turns out that there are absolutely tons of video game themed stuffed toys out there! I live in a small area that’s not very “in” with video games and geek culture, so locating these items is difficult if one isn’t searching online or attending an anime/gaming convention (which, coincidentally, is how I’ve obtained nearly all of my present collection!). After checking out, and subsequently drooling over, the toys at the Pink Gorilla booth during PAX, I decided to hit The Internet at large to see what I’m missing!

Spoiler alert: I’m missing a lot.

wiggler plushieprofessor layton plushie

Wiggler - Pink Gorilla                  Professor Layton - Pink Gorilla

resetti animal crossing plushiekoopa plushie

Resetti - Pink Gorilla                          Koopa - Pink Gorilla

dratini plushiethwomp plushie

Dratini - Amazon                                  Thwomp - Amazon

bullet bill plushielakitu plushie

Bullet Bill - Amazon                        Lakitu - Amazon

goomba plushiechain chomp plushie

Goomba - Amazon                          Chain Chomp - Amazon

dry bones plushie

Dry Bones - Amazon

I nearly squealed myself into passing out when I saw the Lakitu at Pink Gorilla’s booth, and I saw that Thwomp in an awesome retro gaming store while in Kentucky over the summer. Do you own any of these awesome gaming plushies?

Check back soon, because I’m going to do a little showcase on the ones that I do have. If you have some cool gaming toys, let us know! We love comments and pictures :D


*thwomp from header image source


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