Here are a few of my favorite things: Nintendo, Penny Arcade, The Legend of Zelda, Mario, Pokemon, Harvest Moon, Fallout, Dungeons and Dragons, books, dice, Professor Layton, Shadow of the Colossus, Minecraft, and so much more. I'm going to talk a lot about video games, I sincerely hope you don't mind.

Monday, June 9, 2014

The Video Game Glad Game

Every now and then, you get beat by a game. A cheap enemy that continually kills you, a glitch that ruins a saved game, whatever it might be. All of these leave you feeling irritated, frustrated and crushed. This would be a good time to just rage quit, but little did you know there's an alternative:


It's simple to do and it could even up lift your spirits. Here's how you play: whenever you get frustrated by a game or sad that you can't progress, you just take a second to think of all the moments in video gaming that make you feel happy. Any specific feeling or euphoric moment in a game that left a positive mark on your brain.Everyone's list is different, catered specifically to your video gaming career. So to get you started on your own Video Game Glad Game, I present you my personal list of feel-good-video-game moments:

 Reaching the highest point on the end-level flag in Super Mario Bros.


 Grabbing an air bubble just before you're about to drown in Sonic the Hedgehog.


 Doing a swan dive from a great height in the Tomb Raider series.


 Hitting the exact buttons to use the Hadouken in Megaman X.


 Beating the Penguin in the ice race of Super Mario 64.


 Taking down every enemy in an area in the Batman: Arkham series without being spotted once.


 Chainsawing an enemy in Gears of War.


 Becoming Pokemon League Champion in Pokemon Red/Blue.


 Using the supercharged Gravity Gun in Half-Life 2.


 Beating Sephiroth in Kingdom Hearts.


 Looking up at the skies in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim


Those are my glad moments in video gaming, ABOGers! They keep me going through all the rage quits and corrupt save files. What are some of yours? Tell us in the comments or on our Facebook page.



This is very good advice. I sometimes have to give Rick 'time outs' when he gets too enraged by a game, but this might be a better strategy.

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