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Monday, June 23, 2014

Awesome Fan Films

A fan is an interesting type of person. Like any representative of the human race, a fan has the potential for great good but also great evil. We've all seen the two types: one fan who respects their passion but also contributes positively to the fanbase. While the other is a wretched, spiteful human being who's only response to other fans is a flame war the likes of which put the Fire-Chucking War between my cousin and I to shame. However, in the very rarest of cases, the beacons of fan goodness shine through and produce something truly amazing: the quality fan film.

Fan films can also be good and bad but when they're good, ohhh man are they good. This is usually the result of the filmmakers being fans themselves and understanding the feel of the source material. Other times, it's a stellar budget that allows for near authentic production value. In either case, the result is fantastic.

So we here at A Bit of Geek have compiled a list of some great fan films, in no particular order of importance, for your enjoyment. Behold!

1. "Fight the Foot"

As far as this list goes, this fan film is the shortest, coming in at just over three minutes. But damn if they don't manage to tell a great story in that time. The film is set in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles universe, following April O'Neil in her investigation of the ninja gang, the Foot. And when some Foot thugs come to silence her, we get to see some killer turtle action by the R-man himself. Take note, Michael Bay, because this is a fan film and even their ninja turtle looks better than yours.

2. "Half-Life: Escape from City 17"

This short Canadian film, done by the Purchase Brothers, is set in the video game universe of Half-Life 2, just after the announcement that City 17 is going to explode within a matter of hours. The film follows the escape of several resistance members as they fight their way through Combine and Headcrab Zombies. Very well done.

3. "Fallout: Nuka Break"

This Fallout fan film focuses on the story of "Vault dweller, his ghoul companion, and a slave they free from New Vegas." It was so popular in its release in 2011 that it received funding for it's own web miniseries and follow-up movie. If you're a fan of the Fallout series, this is definitely something you should check out.

4. "Megaman X"

This one is a personal preference because, frankly, Megaman X is awesome. But even as it's picked for its subject matter, that doesn't diminish its quality. The short film follows a programmed simulation that Dr. Light installed into X during the time before he was awoken by Dr. Cain. The simulation has X fighting a copy of Protoman to determine the morality of X. Brilliant, I say.

5. "Portal: No Escape"

This Portal fan film is spectacular because it does something not found in abundance in the Portal games: adds drama. The film is a serious interpretation on the imprisonment of Chell as she's forced by Apeture Science to conduct testing. It's great because it doesn't necessarily feel like an alternate take as it could very well be what goes through Chell's head in between the cake jokes. This film is one of my personal faves.

6. "The Punisher: Dirty Laundry"

I cannot properly express to you how amazing this fan film is. Thomas Jane, who played the Punisher in the self-titled 2004 film, played Frank Castle with such finesse and raw brutality that he is without a doubt, my favorite incarnation of the Punisher. But then Dirty Laundry comes around. A fan produced, fan made Punisher film that stars Thomas Jane himself?! Pure gold. Not only this, but another big name actor signed on for this short film. I won't say who it is; you'll just have to watch the film yourself and thank yourself afterward.

7. "Airsoft GI- Left 4 Dead"

Okay, remember before when I said that this list was in no particular order of importance? Well, I lied. Right to your face, I lied. Because this fan film, out of all the ones we've listed, is the best.

It follows the world of Valve's zombie-masterpiece, Left 4 Dead. But not only is it a fantastic Left 4 Dead fan film, it's also something else. It has a turning point in the film that will honestly surprise you. I won't say more; just please, watch it. It's.....the best.

That's all we have so far! But if you've got some fan films that you enjoy, feel free to comment and tell us! Or let us know what you thought of the ones we showed you!

Oh, and an honorable mention to Bat in the Sun, who does awesome fan video showdowns. Definitely worth checking out.


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