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Friday, September 20, 2013

Technical Difficulties

Here's the deal, in as short a version as possible: A Bit of Geek has been plagued with backend and administration issues ever since I started the migration away from blogger in fall of 2011. I won't go any farther into it, because it's a long and stupid story that still makes me angry.

The point of me sharing this information is that we're encountering some perplexing technical issues. Literally all of a sudden, we are unable to add pictures to our posts. One day we could, and the next we could not (hence the white banner up above). You may have noticed that the Captcha system is also affected by this, so commenting on posts is now impossible. I would remove the Captcha, but without it we receive between 200 and 500 spam posts a day. I did not setup the website as it currently stands, and I simply don't have the experience necessary to fix or even diagnose the problem. I'm feeling pretty frustrated over the whole situation, but honestly our current host and content creation system never felt like home to me in the first place.

It is with that information that I will now announce something that I had planned as a surprise (but obviously that's out the window now): A Bit of Geek is getting a make over again! It is true, the current layout and backend were short lived (only been live at this location since June), but like I said, this never felt like home to me. We are currently in the process of having a brand new custom website made, and we hope to launch that in a little over a month.

With this move, I hope to put the technical roadblocks and miscellaneous issues behind us. We will be working with an actual web administrator, and I couldn't be happier about that!

In the meantime, posts here will most likely cease, or at least slow down. (I will check in regularly to see if the situation has fixed itself, but I also won't be holding my breath.) We write a lot of photo-dependent articles, and that's tough to do when our ability to upload images has been taken away. But we will still be active in other places! We post fun and engaging questions on our Facebook page, as well as interesting news articles. We are active on Twitter, and we also have a Tumblr full of awesome geek material. We hope that you'll stick with us through this unexpectedly rough transition, and celebrate with us on the other side when our new website is up!

Keep rolling 20s,

-MJ and the A Bit of Geek team


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