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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

5 Reasons I Love Instagram

I feel like I'm kind of alone when it comes to my affection for Instagram. Not in the greater sense of course, obviously tons of people love it, but within my circle of friends I'm the odd one out. I don't know a lot of people who even have Instagram accounts, and many that do don't update very often. But I don't use Instagram to keep up with my friends and family! I have Facebook for that, as well as actual, you know, conversations. Not that I dislike when they post, I mean I'm always happy to see a new picture! My point is that even though a lot of people hate Instagram because of the "pointless filters" (I'm looking at you, Zach!), there are five big reasons that I check the app first thing in the morning as a great way to start my day.

1. Cat Pictures

I just freaking love pictures of cats. It really doesn't matter who they belong to, or how many there are, or what type; they make me really flippin' happy. So when I pop open Instagram and see a new picture of Nala the Cat, I can't help but smile. I currently don't have a kitty (first time in my life), and these cutie pies help to fill the void.

Here are my favorite people to follow for cat pictures:

nala_cat (dedicated)
cats_of_instagram (dedicated)
adamtots (life, comedy, and cats with hats)
thedaintysquid (fashion, life, photography, and LOTS of cats!)

2. Nature and The World

There is a great, glorious world out there around me, and I don't get to see a lot of it. Enter Instagram, where I can get a first person peek at nearly anywhere in the world! I follow some astounding people on Instagram (many of whom I can't even remember how I found), and it's thrilling to wake up to a photo of the sun rising over the Swiss mountains, or the rainfall in Norway.

Here are my favorite people to follow for world photography:

mhairig (life, family, lots of nature, travel, based out of Scotland)
cmoretz (the actress Chloe Moretz, tons of around the world photos and videos)
ellnmllr (travel photography, children, food)
ellenminerva (a college student living in Norway. Tons of gorgeous scenery!)
masquerade78 (frequent, beautiful hiking photos from the Pacific Northwest)

3. Famous People

Alright, when I say famous people, I mean some very specific ones! I follow Chloe Moretz because she posts so much travel photography. She as an actress is wonderful, but I don't much care about her personal life. The famous people in question, here and now, are the stars of the upcoming Starz TV production of Outlander! You see, there is an amazing book series called 'Outlander', written by Diana Gabaldon. It all started back in 1991 or so, and as rabid fans approach the release of the 8th book next spring, we are also gearing up for finally getting a TV series. It looks to be amazing, and so far the cast members are all excited and kind to the fans. The two leads, Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan (who will be playing Claire Randall and Jamie Fraser, respectively) have Instagram accounts, and are already treating fans to the beginning of production.

I am delighted whenever they post a new photo, and it helps to bring even more excitement as the show comes to life! Follow samheughan and Caitrionabalfe to follow the fun.

4. Fandoms

I may already 'like' pages on Facebook, subscribe to videos on Youtube, follow accounts on Twitter and Tumblr, but sometimes just a picture is nice. No extensive hash tag paragraphs, no insane jokes to try and understand (sorry Tumblr, but sometimes I simply can't keep up), just pure, lovely photos to encapsulate a fandom. They're bite sized nuggets of the things that I love, well poised to perk up my day when I pick up my phone after an exhausting data entry marathon at work.

Favorite Instagram accounts for my beloved fandoms:

nintendo (official)
harrypotterfans (movie stills and photo shoots)
nbcparksandrec (official)
thesuperwholockian (compilation images for Doctor Who, Sherlock, and Supernatural)

5. Art

Through various channels I have found wonderful artists on Instagram. They amaze and inspire me every day with their skill sets, and it makes me feel great to know that I get to see their work on a regular basis. And the diversity! From traditional pencil drawings, to 3D creations, to (my personal favorite) paper sculptures, I get a glorious dose of art straight to my eyes first thing each morning.

Here are my favorite artists on Instagram:

badgercreations (perler beads and cross stitching)
lightandpaperali (paper craft)
britsketch (paper craft)
paperbeatsscissors (pencil/paper)
fayeballine (paper craft)
itsbirdy (colored pencil)

My account is abitofgeek, and I post art, friends, animals, and whatever else feels right. Feel free to follow! Do you use Instagram? What are your favorite accounts?

*All photos are screenshots from my phone. Images belong to their respective owners! Header image is comprised of my own bitchin' Instagram photos.


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