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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

GUEST POST by Andrew Jennings

Geekings fellow aboggers (a bit of geek-ers, I coined it and trademarked it if anyone is looking to purchase). Miranda is a bit indisposed this week and will be unable to post to A Bit of Geek, so she asked me (a fair-weather-blogger) to step in and entertain you for but a moment. I have a couple of blogs I consistently neglect so if you want take a gander at those, but for now I'll entertain you with a short but sweet content filled post! Part one, the song. I dabble in music and dabble in... recording the music... and I dropped this little ditty out this afternoon (not an actual video, just audio):

Then, while listening to this song on repeat for a spell, I drew a picture that I thought Miranda and her aboggers would enjoy.

One thing to inspire another, to inspire another, but to what end? I have no idea. But hopefully someone out there likes this. I was originally thinking of making a little animatic, but the first sketch I did was pretty fun so it evolved into a little color study. What do you crazy kids think is going on here? Where is it going? What had proceeded it? Time for some fanfic? Yeah, drop a basic plot pitch down in the comments section and maybe if there's a really stellar idea in there I'll draw another frame.



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