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Thursday, October 13, 2011

I need your help! Pretty please!

I'm looking for as much feedback as I can get for some new projects that I'm hoping to work on. I need to get an idea of the interest levels on some products that I want to make! It will help me out so so much if as many of my readers as possible leave me a comment letting me know their opinions on the following items :) It would also be super if you shared this entry with some like minded friends, that way I might get their thoughts too!

There are so many craft projects floating around in my head and I'd love to start selling some creations. I know that the items I'm making/planning on making interest me greatly (or else why would I be making them?) but I have no idea what other people are thinking or feeling!

Video game themed zippered pouches.

I have one made from yesterday. It is a practice mock-up, so it's not what final versions would look like. Picture it straighter, and with a d-pad that doesn't look super wonky xD I have some kinks to work out of my design, but overall I'm excited by the potential. These could be used for pretty much anything and I plan on creating them in a few different sizes. They can be wallets, coin purses, nick nack holders, dice bags, pencil pouches, you name it! Whatever you want to put into these things is up to you!

In terms of design, what sorts of things would you like to see? Any specific gaming generations? How about a fabric preference? Soft or sturdy? Malleable, or something that holds its shape? Would you like to see something with a wrist strap, or perhaps a key ring attachment? I really want to hear your thoughts!

Paper cut "vignettes"/scenes.

Based off of the birthday card that I made for my nephew, I started to have a lot of ideas for a fun application of Mario/video game paper cuts in a larger sense. How great would it be to make scenes from games, or pictures of game characters out of paper cuts? I could frame them; what interesting pieces they would be!

How does everyone else feel about this? Yes? No? Interesting at all? Would you like it for yourself, or as a gift to someone else? How about a limited run? High quality copies with only a few available for purchase?

I am really enjoying creating at home and getting in touch with my crafting side while still incorporating my love of video games. I want to share what I have with the world, and more than that I want to provide something that excites people in the same way that it excites me.

Your feedback is invaluable. And so incredibly appreciated. I apologize for still not having the new and exciting thing up on my blog. The endeavor is proving to be more complicated than initially thought, and seeing as it requires Andrew's help (and he's working overtime lately!) things are simply moving slower than we had anticipated. It's still in the works though, and hopefully I'll be able to unveil it to everyone shortly!




I think the Nintendo-themed pouches are really neat. I like your idea of variations too. You need marketing though!

I still think you should start a vlog. I think you could get quite a few followers simply by doing something similar to this female game reviewer:

This isn't to say you should review games per se, but maybe you could just do "game chat" or somesuch. Don't underestimate the gaming community's interest in attractive female gamers! And, if you ever did it - you should get the word out via facebook, gaming forums, etc. I think it would catch on. Its also good because I bet a lot of people would throw down for your merch!

Anyways, neat ideas - just don't forget about copyright infringement! I'm sure there are loopholes so I would advise looking into those.

-Danny (yes, the one you know :P) the first embedded vid in Rinry's vlog. She even says that she's surprised at how many more people watched her vid simply by being on camera and chatting vs. making a fully-edited video that took a lot of time. She goes on to talk about how she's excited about Chrono Trigger being on other platforms and other stuff. That could be you! haha :P

I like the idea of a zipper pouches! Something sturdy that holds its shape appeals to me. But if you were going to be making a dice pouch then something soft would seem more appropriate. Perhaps the same design in a few different models? I like that they can be used for anything; that'll really help with marketing! Having a keyring attachment would add convenience if it was in a purse or somewhere else. Maybe even some sort of loop strap with a snap! My purse would support that and its always a pain trying to find my lip balm, darning needle for knitting, and binkies lol.

I'm not big in the world of paper crafts but I thought your idea about creating scenes from the paper cuts you make is an AWESOME idea. You're so well versed in video games, you could make a latge variety of things. Even intermixed in a funny way that would make sense to someone else who knew a lot about video games, almost like a comic strip or something! It reminds me of that big bowzer piece you have made out of the plastic bits.

Put a holiday spin on all of this & you have something very marketable on etsy at a perfect time of year!!

Well done, moe. <3

Thanks you two! I really appreciate you taking the time to comment and give me some feedback :) It's great to have a variety of voices! This is new to me and I'd like to hit a few different interest points. I have a lot to go off of now and I'm excited to show what I have in the future!

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