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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What a pleasant surprise!

I woke up this morning and checked my e-mail. Do you know what I saw?

And I went, "Whaaaaat?" I thought to myself, "Surely that's one of those scam e-mails that Blizzard warns its subscribers about". So I explored the e-mail, reading it carefully and hovering over links, looking for strange words.

Nothing strange so far!

 I finally just opened a separate window and logged into my account. I figured that if it was real, I'd have information about it in my account!

Awww, yeaaaaaah. Totally legit e-mail! I can't even believe it! I signed up to receive a beta invite believing there was no way in hell I'd actually get one. Now I'm the envy of all*

(by "all" I mean my cousin and my friend)

I'm about to install it and get crackin'! I'm a little confused/concerned though: I made a trial account and then James invited me through the Invite A Friend thing so I had to make a new account. Expired trial account that I never play is WOW(1). Account that I play that has Burning Crusade is WOW(2). The Cataclysm beta is linked to my WOW(1) account that I never use. I'm.... um, worried that this will affect my ability to play. In which case, I will probably freaking cry.



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