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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hopefully this will get it out of my system.


Wednesday, July 14 2010 - 11:42 AM

I had a dream the other night that we decided to hold PAX in a huge field this year. It seemed like a good idea for some reason but when we got there it was raining and everyone was all wet. Then I looked down and I had no pants. These sorts of dreams tell me that PAX is coming up pretty quick.

You should know that it looks like we will sell out of our 3 day badges sometime between Thursday and Sunday of this week. If you want to grab a couple of these you should head over and do it now.
If you want to attend PAX but would rather work like a dog all three days then you should consider being an enforcer. You can follow this link for the application to join the volunteer army that keeps PAX running so smoothly.
It’s worth mentioning that PAX is not being held in a field this year. It will be at the Washington State convention center and that place has a very nice roof. Also I will be wearing pants.
-Gabe out

I copied and pasted that from the Penny Arcade news post from yesterday. It made me laugh, but it also gave me a fresh surge of, "AHH I CAN'T BELIEVE I'M GOING TO MISS PAX!!" feelings.
I know I'm in Ireland, I am having an amazing time and I don't regret being here at all! AND I am incredibly sad that I'll be missing PAX for the first time ever. I want to get these feelings OUT so I'll stop thinking about it and having people go, "WTF you're in Ireland". 
It's a different kind of fun, and also important in different ways.
I am a gamer and I am a photographer. I am two halves of one great love! If it's not one, then it has to be the other.
I've hardly played any games since I arrived, too busy taking pictures! I played some Picross 3D last night, and a few nights ago I was on WoW with James and Kelly. We had excellent good times. Everyday on the bus I pass a "Social Gaming" place near the city center in Galway. I'd like to go in there and see what's happening. I'd like to make some friends here and video games are a great common thread!
Tomorrow I'll be shopping, so I should make sure to pop in there.


Oooh have you seen this? If I played WoW I'd just want to ride around on this thing the whole time.

I think I'm just going to do Saturday for PAX, I'm getting old. I hope they have 3DSes there to play with!!!

Yeah I've seen that xD Not sure I can justify paying for it though, I'm already paying just to play!

If there are 3DSes there you have to play one for me too :3

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