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Thursday, September 15, 2011

The parabeetles and scorpions are trying to kill me.

Where do I even start?! Nintendo held a press conference the other day, which I missed because I forgot about it. However I was quickly filled in on the presentation and have done additional research on the parts that interest me most! Today's post will largely be about Nintendo titles, such as Paper Mario 3DS (good gracious I am so excited for it), an incident that Andrew and I encountered in NSMB Wii, as well as some thrilling new developments in my Fallout 3 file. Prepare yourself!

Two video games, one television.

Since I can't get enough of Fallout and I also can't play it alone because I get nervous, Andrew and I have been spending our evenings playing through it "together". I use quotes because he sits behind me while I play and advises me when I'm about to do something stupid. What a sweetheart. He, on the other hand, can't get enough of Mario for the Wii. He's a nice guy and doesn't want to stop me from playing Fallout, so we've been utilizing the double image feature on his TV. Fabulous! Genius! Endlessly satisfying! The picture above is a little difficult to make out, but that's Fallout 3 on the left and New Super Mario Bros. Wii on the right. The dynamic range of the camera on my phone isn't great (none of them are), so it had a really tough time balancing the dark screen on the left with the hyper bright and colorful screen on the right. My goal was to demonstrate what we've been up to though, and I think I succeeded. 

My adventures through the Wasteland have been fairly mellow. I've been exploring slowly and staying close to Megaton. I'm in the process of leveling up and becoming competent with the controls. Just the other day I killed a boatload of radroaches and one terrifying scorpion and then explored some sewers. Upon my exit of the infested building I was greeted with some mercenaries who were hellbent on killing me. I didn't let them.

See?! "Kill Miranda"! How rude.

In more palatable Fallout news, I have a house in Megaton now! My first task was to find something to collect and then begin decorating. I'm pleased with my decision.

 Click to enlarge and take a gander at my stuff! I have some beautiful lunchboxes on 
display, as well as some really awesome Nuka Cola toy trucks. They're not easy to set down.

I was unbelievably jazzed when I was given my apartment. Andrew mentioned that so long as I disarmed the bomb in Megaton that I'd have a home base where I could store extra items. I had no idea this meant I would get a house! I ran around excitedly exploring each room and talking to my robot house butler over and over again.

My bitchin' Nuka Cola machine that I saved up a bunch of bottle caps for.
PLUS, me admiring my one bobble-head while wearing a party hat that I stole
from a scary clown raider after I killed him. 

When Nintendo announced that the 3DS would have a new, portable Paper Mario I think I peed my pants a little bit. I absolutely adore the Paper Mario series. I know I've talked about this before, but humor me for a minute while I fawn. The gameplay is superb, the graphics are crisp and adorable, the items are fun and unique, the dialogue is witty and entertaining, the RPG style battle system is engaging and satisfying. If you haven't played any of the three currently available Paper Mario games, then please, do so as soon as possible. Here, I'll help you. Paper Mario 64, $18 used on Amazon or through the Wii's virtual console for $10 or $15. Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door (Gamecube), around $20 on Amazon. Super Paper Mario (Wii), around $10 on Amazon. 

Thousand Year Door is my personal favorite, but the original one is so amazing too. Super Paper Mario is my least favorite of the three. I found the method of progressing to new levels to be too convoluted, and I didn't like that they removed the RPG style turn-based battle system. Fortunately, they've brought it back for Paper Mario 3DS. Take a look!

 Beautiful, isn't it?

Sadly, Nintendo hasn't released any word of when this gem of a game will be released. I'm considering starting a new file on Thousand Year Door just to hold myself over!

And speaking along the lines of Mario, something most perplexing happened while Andrew was playing NSMB Wii other day. We're currently in the process of collecting all of the star coins from each of the worlds. It's proving to be quite the challenge, but one that Andrew is more than up for. I really can't stand playing the same part of a game over and over again, so I've had to sit out on the coin collecting for a while. Fortunately, with our double screen action as shown at the beginning of this post, I can still be a part of our Mario progress while ridding the Wasteland of all the evil I can find. 

But anywho, Andrew was on World 7, level 6 gleefully bouncing from Parabeetle to Parabeetle, when finally he collected all three star coins and completed the level. That wasn't unusual. But this was:

It's a little hard to tell, but he's not wearing his hat!

Upon completing and exiting the level, we both noted that for some reason Mario was not wearing his hat! We both sat, very confused, and Andrew asked me if that had happened before. I said that it had not. Of course, in Mario 64 in the desert level that giant bird can steal your hat, but I've never known it to happen otherwise! Andrew went on to beat the castle for kicks, and he still didn't have his hat. We're still extremely perplexed.

Did anyone enjoy or download the backgrounds that I posted last week? Would you like to see more? Let me know, I'm happy to provide content for your enjoyment! 



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