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Friday, March 25, 2011

Apparently this is about tablets and Minecraft.

Everyday that I walk to work I pass these really great wrought iron fences. They're thin and black (of course) and at the tops they have gold painted fleur des lis type ornaments. They're nice to look at, but more importantly they remind me of my 40K army. I painted a few little gold fleur des lis for my vehicles. I miss them. I have a feeling that my future holds a place for me to paint again though, so that's really exciting!

The 3DS launched today. In Europe, anyway. The US has another two days to wait. This doesn't make a bit of difference to me because my system is sitting in Washington AND I won't have it until June. Ugh.

I'm currently at work and doing some photo editing for a family shoot. I'm lucky in that, when at work, I get to use a giant tablet PC. I am unlucky in the fact that this computer is effed up and slow. Apparently, whoever used this machine before me was just download happy. And stupid. I'm hoping I can convince my boss to let me wipe it and start fresh. It needs it very badly. [I'm continuing this entry from home and I'm happy to update that I've been given the OK to wipe and restore the computer. Awesome!]

I remember the first time I used a tablet at all; my friend Leneah had one in high school. She really loved to draw and one time during Junior year she let me use it. I remember how horrible I was at it and wondered how she managed to control the pen well enough to make the drawings that she was so proficient at. Turns out it gets a lot easier with practice. I asked for one for Christmas that year, 2003, and received one. A tiny 5x7 tablet. I clumsily drew Neopets and mushroom scenery in Photoshop 7. Ah, memories. The next one I ever saw was the monstrous one that Andrew received as a birthday/graduation gift that following June. He's the kind of person that actually needs a tablet. I was very impressed.

After starting at OC for my Associates, I took some Photoshop classes. Once I was in the advanced class I had access to a tablet again. I had kind of fallen out of use on mine (already) and the work space was so tiny that it was frustrating to use. The ones at OC were sizable, but not nearly as large as Andrew's. Haha.

I didn't really mean for this to turn into a blog about tablets, but here it is I guess. I really enjoy using one. I don't need one, but I'll absolutely use one whenever the opportunity presents itself. Plus, Andrew gets jealous when I talk about it (which is fun and cute). Here is me using it:

Don't I look thrilled? My face may have not gotten the 
memo regarding how awesome tablet PCs are.

For lunch today I set out to find something new to eat (didn't happen) and while on my walk I passed a store called Game. I saw it last summer but had apparently forgotten about it. I most certainly didn't forget that there's a GameStop in Eyre Square Centre, but I like to avoid going in. It was so disorganized that I felt stressed when I went in last! Anyway, I popped into Game because they had crap-tons of signage for the 3DS. I wanted to look around and see game cases for Pokemon White and Okamiden. I easily found the boxes for Pokemon, but I didn't spot Okamiden. I don't even remember its release date though, so it's entirely possible that it's not out here yet. I looked around at their displays and the strategy guides and the empty box ads for the 3DS and felt... sad. Then I went, ''Do I miss GameStop?!'' and I turned and ran out of the store, almost knocking into an unsuspecting patron attempting to enter the door.

I suppose it wouldn't be entirely out of the question for me to miss it. I was there for over six years. Weird.

When we find the time in the day, Andrew and I go ahead and play Minecraft. It works best when he's on his lunch break, and that only works for me if I have nothing going on immediately after work. So far this week we haven't been able to play very often, but when he have played I've managed to grab some really fun screen shots! Allow me to share.

Andrew expanded our castle wall out quite a ways and
found some lovely new islands off the coast.

To the right of our castle's front wall he built a long low wall
that extends into a dock. Look at that beautiful ship! <3

While assisting with the construction of our ship's sails I 
spotted not one, but TWO squids off to the right of the dock!
Now I can make more black wool without finding those
ever elusive black sheep. Score!

We explored the Nether for the first time last week. It was
really freaky at first, and so very dark. I am not a fan of the
Pigmen. At all. The Ghasts make me so sad, then I shoot
them with my bow until they cry and explode.

Sometimes when I leave the Nether the Nether takes a
while to leave me.

I don't condone book burning, don't worry.

Andrew built us a fabulous library that is completely covered in lava. I painstakingly built tons of bookshelves in order to properly stock our intellectual alcove. I also made some classy as shit couches. One day I popped in to relax and all of the shelves and wool were gone. We were both very perplexed. We kind of assumed it was a server or game error, so I decided to wait until the anger wore off and then I'd build new ones. I had just placed about 20 bookshelves and was stopping to admire my handiwork, then I noticed that they were in flames. Apparently there is some sort of issue with flammable items being against a wall that has lava on the other side. So that was fun.

 Da da da daaaaaaa!

This is my latest contribution to the castle. Generally Andrew assigns me a task and I get to it, or I just hunt for sheep, but in this case I had a clear vision! Seems like a good welcome mat to me :]


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